Wednesday, 1 February 2012

TAST Week 5 Herring bone Stitch

Sharon has announced Herring bone Stitch as this week’s stitch.

Here’s my work,


The neck design is done with tightening  beads with herringbone stitch. I learned this stitch from Lakshmi Sadala. Thank u Lakshmiji for your excellent tutorial.


Shami Immanuel said...

Nice work
Raji u have asked me about knitting a sweater. I have crocheted
That bag. I will try to prepare a tutorial for basic stitches otherwise
I will give u the links within a week.

Shami immanuel

dwright33055 said...

very cool idea

Miriam said...

Very nice for beading, I might try it myself.

Raphaela said...

Looks great.

Isabelle said...

very nice

Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Very nice beading herringbone Raji, Thanks for Sharing it. I saw your chemanthy work tutorial also, very nice.
And Thank you for Visiting my blog.

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