Monday, 18 June 2012

Blanket Stitch Scallops..


yep, a small hiatus from blogging, finished some books in between (thanks to readersweb, for motivating me to restart my reading habit), actually nothing was happening at the embroidery side, not because of lack of time, but was not in a mood to take up big projects.

But like any other embroiderers, I too cant keep the thread and needle away for long, so I tried to concentrate on some small works.

Here see this cute Blanket Stitch Scallops, I learned this stitch form Sarahs hand embroidery tutorials, this is one of my track pants, it was a bit long, so I cut it short, I was planning to do the edging by some straight stitching by folding the fabric. but after noticing this stitch at Sarah’s site, I decided to try it on, I think the result is excellent….It gives a cute and stylish look to my old track pants.


I love it , what u think ?????