Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chemanthy Stitch

I am planning to consolidate a collection of stitches which creates flower like motifs, say, for e.g. Kamal Kadai, Lazy Daisy etc.
So the next in my list is Chemanthy Stitch. I first saw this stitch at Lakshmi Sadala ‘s blog. She has given an excellent tutorial for this stitch (both image as well as video), but unfortunately I couldn’t make it out…Sad smile. There are some other sites also which gives Chemanthy stitch tutorial, but I couldn’t rely on a single one. Believe me I struggled for around 3 long hours switching from site to site, just to understand the technique of this beautiful stitch. At last I came out with flying colours Smile. At the moment itself I created a tutorial on the same for my future references. Here iam sharing it with u too… just have a look at it…ah one more thing, through my journey in search of Chemanthy I got two more Chemanthy variations, that I ll tell u in my later posts…
Moving on to the stitch process,
For Chemanthy stitch there is no specific pattern, we can do it any pattern so plenty of scope for creativity….hi hi hi …Here for the ease of understanding, let me do it on three circles one inside the other ( u can increase or decrease the size of the circle),Let us refer the three circles as a, b, and c. In Chemanthy stitch, for making a single petal there are 4 needle movements ( See the points marked as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
Step 1 : Draw three circles one inside the other.
Step 2 : Take the needle out through the center point 0, then insert it through the point 1 (lies on the circle b), and take it out through the point 2 (which lies on the circle c ).
Step 3 : Insert the needle at the center point 0, and take it out through the point 3 (which lies on the circle a).
Keep in Mind : The working thread should be under the needle.
Step 4 : Insert the needle at the point 4 (which lies on the circle b) and take it out through the point 2 (which is on the circle c).
Step 5 : Insert the needle at the center point 0 and take it out through the point 5 (which is on the circle a). One petal is finished.
Repeat the steps….
DSCN6028 DSCN6002
The wrong side of this stitch will look somewhat like this..
excellent design rite ….???
ll be back with other variations………….Smile
Variation 1
Happy stitching….


saran said...

hi raji madam ,
awesome embroidery and nice to share this above method , as i searched many sites to learn this method but didnt work out , ur post is very usefull to me . once again thank u alot

RajiSaj said...

Thank u Saran, by the way u can call me Raji..:-)

sheela said...

Hi Raji,.. Awesome work n nice of you to share,..

madhu said...

What is the thread used? Doesn't look like anchor cotton.

RajiSaj said...

Hi Madhu, its Anchor cotton thread..

Lori Jeschke said...

I've never seen this stitch before, I'll definitely find a way to use it. Thanks for showing the wrong side, too.

Susan Threadgill said...

i am still working on this stitch - do not have it just rignt yet. Thanks for the work you gave us as it will make me successful eventually. Such a beautful stitch-flower. Planning to use this in crazy quilt work. susan

Rekha Gajjar said...

Very nice explanation,thank you

Rekha Gajjar said...

Very nice explanation,thank you

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