Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lazy Daisy Magic – TAST 2012

This week’s TAST is Detached chain or Lazy Daisy stitch, a beautiful yet simple flower motif.

These are my trials..

Lazy Daisies with French knots..


Tulips, with detached chain stitch….. according to Saj, viewers need drastic amount of creativity to interpret this stitch as tulips….Smile


The final one , fusion daisies……Smile


Chemanthy Variation 2

Yeah ! another beautiful variation of Chemanthy composed of lazy daisies…

Chem-variation21 DSCN6043


Find excellent tutorial for this pattern at Letslearnembroidery.

Other Chemanthy posts..,


Chemanthy Variation 1.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wanna learn Chikan Embroidery ????

Hurry up golden chance to learn Chikan embroidery, Anita of artistic fingers is conducting a stitch along for Chikan Work.

Check her blog for more details…

TAST 2012 Chevron Stitch

While at the initial stage of embroidery learning, I was very keen on trying out new stitches, thus learned some basic stitches, but after starting projects, just started relying on same stitches.

Whenever I refer a stitch guide, I always get confused, which stitch should do first ??, which is beautiful? which is easy ?? like that, but now after participating in TAST, I started learning each new stitch in a week which is a great feeling, and of course not only learning a stitch but also a variety of experiments that is a range of creativity can also be seen.

So this weeks TAST is Chevron stitch, a totally new stitch for me, but lemme say proudly I learned it and even prepared a tutorial of the same.

Inspired by other talented people ‘s work, I also did a trial with Chevron stitch, which is an utter flop Sad smile

see the out come..


I tried to decorate it with kundan stones , but ….. what is the problem with this ???? is it the colour of stone ??? or the design itself ????

anyway I ll come out with more trials ..Smile

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch belongs to Herringbone stitch family, the needle movements for both the stitches are same. Chevron is also done in between two parallel lines.

Let us see the stitch process,

Just for understanding, I have marked parallel dotted lines and three points a,b, c, the points a and b should be equal distant from the point c.


Step 1 : Take the needle out through a point at the second line.


Step 2 : Insert the needle at the point c ( center point), ( i.e a slanting stitch is formed).


Step 3 : Take the needle out through the point a.


Step 4 : Insert the needle at the point b, and take it out through the point c.

Keep in Mind : The working thread should be above the needle.


Step 5 : Insert the needle at a point on the second line ( see the above fig.)


repeat the same process at the second line also.

You will get a beautiful line of Chevron stitch..


The back side of the stitch ll look somewhat like this..


try this out, it is really easy…

happy stitching !

Monday, 6 February 2012

Chemanthy– variation 1

Another beautiful work called Chemanthy, it has only a slight  variation from our earlier Chemanthy

My Chemanthy work on a tshirt,



I am not that happy with the color combo…but looks little more better in real,  anyway this is a beautiful flower motif, planning to do it professionally…

I learned this stitch from Deepa, Thank u Deepa !

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chemanthy Stitch

I am planning to consolidate a collection of stitches which creates flower like motifs, say, for e.g. Kamal Kadai, Lazy Daisy etc.
So the next in my list is Chemanthy Stitch. I first saw this stitch at Lakshmi Sadala ‘s blog. She has given an excellent tutorial for this stitch (both image as well as video), but unfortunately I couldn’t make it out…Sad smile. There are some other sites also which gives Chemanthy stitch tutorial, but I couldn’t rely on a single one. Believe me I struggled for around 3 long hours switching from site to site, just to understand the technique of this beautiful stitch. At last I came out with flying colours Smile. At the moment itself I created a tutorial on the same for my future references. Here iam sharing it with u too… just have a look at it…ah one more thing, through my journey in search of Chemanthy I got two more Chemanthy variations, that I ll tell u in my later posts…
Moving on to the stitch process,
For Chemanthy stitch there is no specific pattern, we can do it any pattern so plenty of scope for creativity….hi hi hi …Here for the ease of understanding, let me do it on three circles one inside the other ( u can increase or decrease the size of the circle),Let us refer the three circles as a, b, and c. In Chemanthy stitch, for making a single petal there are 4 needle movements ( See the points marked as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
Step 1 : Draw three circles one inside the other.
Step 2 : Take the needle out through the center point 0, then insert it through the point 1 (lies on the circle b), and take it out through the point 2 (which lies on the circle c ).
Step 3 : Insert the needle at the center point 0, and take it out through the point 3 (which lies on the circle a).
Keep in Mind : The working thread should be under the needle.
Step 4 : Insert the needle at the point 4 (which lies on the circle b) and take it out through the point 2 (which is on the circle c).
Step 5 : Insert the needle at the center point 0 and take it out through the point 5 (which is on the circle a). One petal is finished.
Repeat the steps….
DSCN6028 DSCN6002
The wrong side of this stitch will look somewhat like this..
excellent design rite ….???
ll be back with other variations………….Smile
Variation 1
Happy stitching….

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

TAST Week 5 Herring bone Stitch

Sharon has announced Herring bone Stitch as this week’s stitch.

Here’s my work,


The neck design is done with tightening  beads with herringbone stitch. I learned this stitch from Lakshmi Sadala. Thank u Lakshmiji for your excellent tutorial.