Sunday 14 July 2013

A quick and easy simple A line Frock

Hmmmm this post is again after a long break, actually nothing happening at the crafty side, but that doesn’t mean that iam away from  blog world, as usual iam a regular visitor of all my friends blogs, which boosts my spirit. Hey, see this Aline frock I made it for my niece, believe me it took only 45 minutes….


wanna try this out ???? check Thank u Zovacreations (sorry i donno blogowners name :-() for this awesome tutorial…Smile

Monday 18 March 2013

ruffled, layered skirt, another trial !

This time I tried a ruffled, layered skirt with my old duppatta…here it is ,



stitching and all is not perfect, but still I love it … is super easy…

wanna try one for ur little princess ???? visit, find a collection of baby dresses tutorials.

happy sewing….

Saturday 16 March 2013

My first trial..

Here is my first trial on my Brother LS2000, a small frock for my cute princess Ichnu…(Ishani, my sisters daughter), she is 5 months old.



She is now at West Bengal, anxiously waiting for her arrival to try raji ammas creation on her Smile.

Friday 15 March 2013

My new Friend….

One year back  I started my blog merely out of curiosity, just to know what is a blog…but now my blog is a delight for me, learned so many techniques,  got many friends from different countries , If my post delays there are friends who enquires about that, it is nothing but a few words, but that words means a world to me…thank u my dear friends, you are really my strength and support.

Okie now lemme introduce  my new friend,

SMA brother LS2000 Sewing machine…Smile. This is my b’day gift from Saj. Being a total illiterate about sewing, I was not much excited initially, but now I started learning the art of dress making…..I ll share my works with u in coming days.

About the machine, with 21 stitch functions, 3 needle position selector, variable stitch width and length control, a perfect machine for a beginner.  I cant comment on durability now, it takes time, mmm let us see….

Friday 8 February 2013

Griffin Stitch– a Sampler

 Here z my Griffin…
bfore that the pattern and stitch courtesy Needlenthread, the embroider's encyclopedia !


what an excellent photographic skill……hi hi hi lol…. iam just trying Mary Corbet’s
hmmmm way to go…..Smile


the stitches involved are stem stitch for border, then griffin and to enhance the beauty french knots.
This is the final output, there are flips and flops, it should be there na, anyway it z the first sampler……I really enjoyed working this wonderful stitch….. itz easy and really less time consuming, try yourself..and of course share with us….

phase 1
phase 2

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Learning Griffin Stitch - Phase 2

a little progress from phase 1….
at first sight it gives a complicated image, but believe me it is not complicated, before starting up with needle and thread do some work with pencil and scale, draw the cells…. then take needle and thread, its really easy…..
Find the detailed tutorial of this stitch in Mary Corbet’s Needlenthread.
ll be back soon with finished work…

finished pattern here

Sunday 3 February 2013

Learning Griffin Stitch–Phase 1

Hooohooo Iam back………. I was not much active with new posts for a while, but that doesn’t mean I was away from this wonderful blogland. I am a regular visitor at all my favorite blogs, (u know tat na….my comments were always there in all ur new posts..hi hi hi ), and that visits leads to this post. I just want to show u a beautiful stitch called Griffin Stitch. Griffin stitch simply satisfies all my stitch preferences, I always love working with different colors of thread, I love big patterns (its tooo tedious to fill big patterns, so I stick to smaller ones), and the most important is it gives a different unique look to our work…..
I have started working a pattern, not yet completed, here z the work in progress,
The other one….
I ll update the progress…..
Love to hear from u….. and eager to see ur experiments with Griffin…..Smile

next phase
Finished pattern.