Friday, 16 December 2011

Long and Short stitch

Long and Short stitch – a beautiful filling stitch on my table cloth !

Long and short stitch is a group of straight stitches, same as satin stitch, the difference is that in long and short stitch as the name says the straight stitches are of different lengths.

Keep in Mind : All the straight stitches should be in one direction.

So before starting the work, you decide in which direction should be the stitch flow.

Let us see the process,


Iam going to fill the center petal with long and short stitch , the stitch direction is vertical. I have drawn lines just for your understanding.


Make a short stitch till the first line then a long stitch upto second line. (I made my stitch a little slanting since the edge is little narrowed).

Continue the process…







The end product will look like this…. beautiful na ????

happiness always,



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