Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bullion Stitch

Bullion knot or bullion stitch is a Brazilian embroidery technique. This stitch lies embossed on the fabric.

Bullion stitch is a very easy stitch but for achieving it, u need a little practice and patience Smile.

Use milliners needle or straw needle for ease of stitching.

lets go into the process,


Step 1 : Take the needle out through the point a.


Step 2 : Insert the needle at point b ( a point little far from point a, take point b to the direction which your bullion stitch should lie. (here it is a->b vertical), and take the needle partially out through point a.


Step 3 : (reverse the embroidery loop for the ease of making wraps) Make wraps around the needle with the working thread. The number of wraps ie the wrap length and the distance between the points a and b should be same). Don’t make the wraps too tight or too loose.


step 4 : Slowly take the needle out by keeping your fingers softly on the wraps. Then Insert the needle at the point b and tight the knot.

Here goes our hero…..




DSCN4901 DSCN4894


Try it out , it is really easy…

Enjoy bullion……Smile


Ninu said...

soon I will try this stitch(which I am procrastinating last 2 years :( )

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