Monday, 6 February 2012

Chemanthy– variation 1

Another beautiful work called Chemanthy, it has only a slight  variation from our earlier Chemanthy

My Chemanthy work on a tshirt,



I am not that happy with the color combo…but looks little more better in real,  anyway this is a beautiful flower motif, planning to do it professionally…

I learned this stitch from Deepa, Thank u Deepa !


Deepa said...

Looks good..

isseelan said...

Nice flower.keep going.


isseelan said...


u have asked a tutorial for crocheting a sweater. Sorry, I am not able to prepare it. So I am giving u the links. The details are in my blog under the post crochet-basic link. Also, have a look of my kamal kadai work update b,coz i have inspired to do this work thru u'r tutorial.
Shami Immanuel.

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I value ur words, it definitely makes me motivated..., thank you !