Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chikan Embroidery– SAL–Lesson 2

We are moving to the Lesson 2 of Chikan Embroidery SAL with Anita of artisticfingers, The stitches are Stem stitch and Chain stitch, two beautiful stitches.

here are my works,

Chain Stitch,



Stem Stitch,


I am delighted, I got many friends by participating in SAL. Lets move on together dear friends…

hey one more thing, Chikan SAL registration is now opened for second batch, if u didn’t check her blog yet, please check and do register for the same, believe me, it is an experience….hurry up hurry up!!!!


nancie said...

Raji,,that was a different use different colours....usually we see same colour thread for the whole design...

isseelan said...

Good work. Keep it up.


Mahalakshmi said...

Hi Raji,
Your site is good.And by the way do you know all the stitches in chikan work? I would like like to know them..Can you help me? And normally it is in single color and yours is really nice as you are using different colors..Good..

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I value ur words, it definitely makes me motivated..., thank you !