Friday, 15 March 2013

My new Friend….

One year back  I started my blog merely out of curiosity, just to know what is a blog…but now my blog is a delight for me, learned so many techniques,  got many friends from different countries , If my post delays there are friends who enquires about that, it is nothing but a few words, but that words means a world to me…thank u my dear friends, you are really my strength and support.

Okie now lemme introduce  my new friend,

SMA brother LS2000 Sewing machine…Smile. This is my b’day gift from Saj. Being a total illiterate about sewing, I was not much excited initially, but now I started learning the art of dress making…..I ll share my works with u in coming days.

About the machine, with 21 stitch functions, 3 needle position selector, variable stitch width and length control, a perfect machine for a beginner.  I cant comment on durability now, it takes time, mmm let us see….


Shami Immanuel said...

Congrats on ur new sewing machine. can we make embroidery stitches in this. What type of stitch functions we can make with this? can u give me some details about this machine?

hookingtheyarn said...

Hi Rajisaj, I too have a sewing machine and it is one of my best friends. I'm moving out in a few months time and I cannot carry it along. Feeling so bad about it. I can buy a new machine sometime later, but I feel bad about my old machine :( What is your current project ?? I love to crochet. Pleae do have a look at my small world of crochet.


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