Friday, 2 December 2011

the basic stitch - Stem stitch

Stem Stitch

Stem stitch is also known as crewel stitch or stalk stitch. This is a beautiful stitch and I liked it most. Stem stitch is one of the basic stitches of surface embroidery. It can be used as an outline as well as a filling stitch.
Here I have drawn a slanting line to stitch.

How to stitch


Step1 : Take the needle out through a point ‘A’ on the slanting line as shown in the above fig.

Step2 : Insert the needle at the point ‘c’ and take it out through the point ‘b’.

Note : All the points a, b, c should fall on the same line.
The point ‘b’ should be in the middle of point ‘a’ and ‘c’.
While taking out the needle through point ‘b’, make sure that the working thread is under and is left to the needle.

Step 3 : Again insert the needle at a point, a little above the point ‘c’, and take it out through the point ‘c’ and so on.


My Experiments with stem stitch

Stem stitch as outline stitch

See I told u na , embroidery is for decorating fabrics, I hav decorated an old plain chudi of mine with this pattern..
is it beautiful???.well I got the pattern from
While doing stem stitch at curves, always remember to take small stitches, otherwise it will look distorted.




Stem stitch as filling stitch.
This marvelous stem stitch when stitched close it can be used as filling stitch also.


Is my tree beautiful???
Hey dear embroiderers now take the needle n thread, explore ur creativity, come up with mind blowing works…All the very best!

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