Friday, 2 December 2011

the Basics..

What is Embroidery?
Embroidery is the art of decorating a fabric, or any other surface (like paper, leather etc) with thread or yarn, beads, sequins etc.
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So that’s a simple definition for this needle painting…
Let’s see what are the essential things needed for starting an embroidery work…


clip_image001_thumb Fabric - Choose an appropriate fabric to do the embroidery.
clip_image001[1]_thumb Scissors – a small pointed scissors
clip_image001[2]_thumb Hand embroidery thread – perle cotton thread (diff types of threads are used for diff types of embroidery).
clip_image001[3]_thumb Needle – needles of different numbers are used for different types of embroidery. A 9 to 11 number needle is appropriate.
clip_image001[4]_thumb Embroidery hoop / ring – Rings of diff sizes are available, select a medium ring.
clip_image001[5]_thumb Carbon paper – Red, green, yellow, blue, white carbon papers are available. Select dark colored carbon paper for light colored fabric and vice versa.
Embroidery Shops
@ Cochin
Orange Collections, Broadway, Cochin.
Jose & Co, Broadway, Cochin.
@ Thiruvalla
Vanitha Ladies store.

If u know more shops anywhere in kerala or in india please do share it with me.
Lemme introduce u some of my favourite embroidery blogs

Thank you for these wonderful persons for motivating and inspiring beginners like me.
The list is endless, I ll update it in the coming posts.
So now time to explore the wonderful world of stitches….
Steps to follow before starting an embroidery project.

Step 1 : Select the fabric and pattern.
Step 2 : Trace the pattern to the fabric using a carbon paper.
(so many other methods are also there, I ll explain it later).
Step 3 : Fix the fabric on the embroidery ring.
Step 4 : Decide the stitch and colour of the thread.
Step 5 : Enjoy creating marvelous designs…
okie that’s for now…
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