Friday, 9 December 2011

Satin stitch….

The planning phase of my table cloth project is almost over……I have decided to fill the side petal of main flower with satin stitch….


so lemme introduce satin stitch…… a beaaaaaaaaaautifullllllll stitch.

First stitch in my project, the satin stitch….

In simple words, satin stitch is a group of closely packed straight stitches. so from that sentence itself u get an idea that it is a very very easy stitch, yes u r correct it is really an easy stitch, because straight stitch is doing by passing needle in and out through the fabric.., the difficult part is maintaining its beauty and perfection. I ll give u tips on maintaining the perfection , before that let us eye the satin stitch..


see the straight stitches, I have given. I have drawn lines just to show the flow of straight stitches…

For satin stitch, usually a single strand of cotton thread is used, cotton thread u get contains six strands of thread, for separating a thread, pull out a single thread from the group, do not pick more than one at a time, the whole thing will get twisted.


Keep in mind :
    • while doing satin stitch use  single strand of cotton thread. (I used only cotton thread for satin stitch).
    • always draw an outline before doing satin stitch.
    • should be very very careful about the starting and ending points of the thread.
    • straight stitches must lie within the outline, otherwise ur work will look distorted.
    • always try to use an embroidery ring while doing satin stitch, so that when fabric gets fixed, u ll get a clear idea of the outline.
 Satin stitch is suitable for filling small areas.
So my petals are almost finished see…


while iam working on this my lil boy asked me why u r stitching ‘u’ amma? I was like eeehhhh…. that was a news for me, till then I didn’t know that he knows what ‘u’ looks like…Smile

happiness always,


Renjini said...

Im really proud of my sister........

RajiSaj said...

Thank u my dear......hey dont waste time start learning....a break from all codes, onsite calls and IDE s...

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