Saturday, 10 December 2011

Buttonhole Stitch

Buttonhole Stitch – Second stitch for decorating my table cloth….


This is again a less complicated, multi purpose, beautiful stitch. It can be used as filling as well as outline stitch.

You can create tiny flowers using this stitch. When done it in stacks it looks like a net, which is a suitable filling for large areas…

so let us see how it is done…




Step 1 :Take the needle out through the point ‘a’.

Step 2 :Insert the needle through the point ‘b’ which lies above and a little right to the point ‘a’.

Step 3 :Take out the needle through the point ‘c’ which lies on the same line of point ‘a’, parallel to the point ‘b’.


Keep in mind : While taking the needle out through point ‘c’, keep the working thread under the needle.




 in the next step the point ‘c’ becomes the point ‘a’ and so on…




This stitch is done from left to right, to make a net look make a line of stitches above this line from right to left..




continue the stitching to left..


Hands on…








Hows my network flower ????

Button hole stitch on my table cloth, which part ??? ll tell u later Smile

happiness always,



nancie said...

super....thats really pretty ...i will try it once...

veenaraju said...

awewome, hats off to you.

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