Wednesday, 21 December 2011

French Knot

French Knot – the last on my table cloth project !
French Knot is used for creating flowers,flower centers etc. it gives an embossed look on fabric. It is really an easy and a beautiful stitch.
Let us see the process..

Step 1 : Take the needle out through the point A


Step 2 : Wrap the thread around the needle once or twice, as shown in the above fig.
Keep in mind : while wrapping, keep the needle close to the fabric.
Step 3 : Gently pull the long thread, to make the twists tight around the needle. (don’t make too tight)


(move the needle backwards if necessary)
Step 4 : Insert the needle at the point A (the same point where u took out the thread), (by keeping the long thread tight), and pull it tight.
Your French knot will look like this….


You may find this knot a bit difficult at the first attempt, but don’t get frustrated, it is very easy, use both hands, left for holding needle and right for thread or vice versa…

Hands on

Hope you all have a happy stitching time…
do inform me about your french knot experience…Smile

plz see one more french knot application here.

happiness always,


maisie sparrow's vintage pictures said...

Brilliant tutorials on the stitches will try these.Maisie.

Cathleen Savage said...

Nice tutorial! I love French knots and I sometimes wrap the thread around a whole bunch of times; sometimes even until it starts to form a loop. A nice effect.

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