Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch –third in my table cloth project….

This is again a beautiful, multipurpose stitch, it can be used as an outline as well as filling stitch. It is also used for decorating borders.
now let us see how it is done,
Iam doing it in between two parallel lines…


 Step 1 : Take the needle out through the point ‘a’, which lies on the bottom line.

 Step 2:Insert  needle on the point ‘b’, and take it out through the point ‘c’, both points lies on the upper line.


Step 3 : After taking out the needle through point ‘c’, insert the needle through the point ‘d’ and take it out through the point ‘e’, both points lies on the bottom line.

continue the process till the end of the line…..


Hands on…

Herringbone stitch in my table cloth project….sorry the image is little blurred, I ll post a clear one soon…

Another herringbone work….


Herringbone is really lovely rite ????
ll be back with another beautiful stitch….

happiness always….


Rajesh said...

Some amazing hard work shown here : ) . Keep going.

RajiSaj said...

Thank u chetta...

Iresha Dias said...

your tutorials are really clear and nice and really helpful too.
thanks for visiting y blog :)

Poornima said...

Fabulous work!!! Explanation is awesome... I was trying to find tutorials for many of the embroidery works for my mom and then found your blog!!!

Thank you!!!

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