Friday, 2 December 2011



Welcome to the cute world of embroidery. Well, am Raji, a simple, happily married, home maker mom. I am passionate about thread works always, but I couldn’t make it till now… I started studying embroidery only months back, the vast world of internet provide me all the opportunities to train myself most of the stitches in hand embroidery.

By starting a blog on hand embroidery my aim is to inspire all those who are passionate about thread works to take a thread and needle….

Here I am explaining the stitches in the way that I have studied…..

If you are a beginner, c’mon…lets stitch together…

If u r a master, please point out my flaws, so that I can correct …

Thank You for visiting my little space …

Happiness always,



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I value ur words, it definitely makes me motivated..., thank you !